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There is nothing wrong with me.

So what if I get sad or stressed,
It’s not a sign that I’m depressed.
When I cry or sit alone to just be,
I don’t need someone to come save me.
Even when upset if I start to freak out,
my sanity is not reliant on your pity and doubt.

There is nothing wrong with me.

Wearing makeup and doing my hair
does not say “I need someone to say they care.”
Looking in the mirror and judging what is there
does not give you leeway to justify your stare.
My confidence in my appearance needs no validation
and your “helpful tips” are not taken into consideration.

There is nothing wrong with me.

Having sex does not measure my self-worth,
and promising to “make me faithful” won’t bring rebirth.
Telling me “guys only want one thing” isn’t cool
I’m a consenting adult, stop treating me like a fool.
When I have casual sex, it doesn’t mean I’m broken.
Don’t you dare try to “fix me” and make me a token.

There is nothing wrong with me.

I choose not to be labelled, it is MY CHOICE.
Ignoring what I say doesn’t silence my voice.
“Feminist?”, “Sexuality?”, “Cisgender?”, “Religion?”, the like.
Just being myself doesn’t call for your sympathetic strike.
Since when did I need a label to be a human being?
You’re not “Allowing me my freedom”, I’m doing my own thing.

“I’m trying to help.”
“It’s for your own good.”
“Think about your future!!!”
“You’re not living like you should.”

“What would your daughter think?”
“You should really find a man and settle down.”
“Do you think you’re better than all of us?”
“You look really run-down.”

“I bet you think you’re so unique.”
“Did your mother beat you as a child, is that why you’re defensive?”
“You’re a disgrace to your gender!!!”
“You can’t possibly like girls, you fuck guys. No offense.”

“You’re either with us or against!!!”
“Were you, like, raped as a child?”
“Do you even watch what you eat?”
“I’m only telling you because I care, you’re acting a bit wild.”

Stop trying to find problems already,
this onslaught is crazy, it’s so steady.
You can’t seem to cope with someone not needing.
So you try to batter me down until I’m bleeding.

I’m not some special little unicorn who needs your healing.
Focus on yourself, or others who can’t handle feeling.
Creating an issue and then fixing it won’t make you my messiah.
Since when did being fine make me a pariah?

I will say it only one time more,
since you’ve had some trouble hearing.
There. Is. Nothing. Wrong. With. Me.
That fact is not disappearing.
There is nothing wrong with me
Tried to write something a bit different. I'm constantly writing about people with various issues, I wondered how my writing would change writing from the point of view of someone who has none of these issues. I quite like it.

I do need to mention that none of this content is meant to offend any readers nor is it to be taken as gospel or whatever. It was simply a writing exercise. With that being said I do hope someone enjoys it.

This piece is not meant in any way to tell people with certain issues that their problems are insignificant. Once again, this is merely a writing exercise to improve my own writing by changing the P.O.V. I don't want to check my messages and find a bunch of angry ones referencing this piece. Thank you. 
:O FINALLY jumped back onto DA because I miss it so much and.....alot of things have changed :/ Haven't had a proper look yet so  I can't say for sure whether I like the changes or not :P Eh time to Explore~!
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I am not a new deviant :) So I know very well how deviantArt works. I write and draw anything and I'm always criticizing myself, but it's not meant to be taken as a put down. I simple never want to settle with good enough. I want to eventually write something that changes someones life, and I want people to feel something when they look at my work, even if it's them getting pissed off over the topic ;P There's nothing you can really say to discourage me, I just laugh at people who try to be tough over the internet. But if someone does something to my family then you better hope I don't know where you live ;)

If you fave my work, I will look at your gallery and fave yours. If you coment on something I post I will comment on something you've posted. You game?

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